Mathijs van Geest
Leiden, 28 – 02 – 1985

Currently, Mathijs van Geest is director at Hordaland Kunstsenter in Bergen, Norway

2017 Autumn of the Alphabet, USF Bergen
2017 Dust Bather, H Mincuscule, Clemont Ferrand, France
2017 A Donkey Ear, In The Library, Bergen University faculty of Art and Design
2015 Tapestry or Fountains, I Never Lie, Pracownia Portretu, ?odz. Poland with Dico Kruisse
2015 A Glasshouse Way Of Reading, Tag-Team Bergen
2014 The passenger eclipsed the object that I could have seen otherwise, Entrée Bergen
2014 Universality of Representation, Stellwerk with Dico Kruisse, Kassel, Germany
2013 Det Glade Bergen, Det Glade Bergen, Bergen. With Hans Kristian Borchgrevink Hansen
2012 Despite her dialect, One Night Only Gallery Beepart, Vilnius Lithuania
2012 A teal on Chapel street, Upominki, Rotterdam

2018 Høstutstillingen, Kunstnerneshus, Oslo
2018 Ode to Trouble, curated by Hello Dust
2017 Image Drain - Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn. Curated by Anthea Buys
2017 Open Studio, Helsinki International Artist Program, Helsinki
2017 No Space for a Piano, Peach Rotterdam
2016 Tefriss (in a good place), Kvit, Copenhagen
2016 Skumringssoner, Kunstlåven, Seljord
2015 Norsk Skulpturbiennale, Kunsten Tilhører Dem Som Ser Den, Vigeland Museet, Oslo
2015 Which is a way of saying: a word was removed. Kunstnerforbundet Oslo.
2014 Bergen Art Book Fair, Bergen
2014 New York Artist Book Fair, New York City
2014 Side Effects II, Ancien Musée de Peinture, Grenoble France
2014 Cold Current, Mauriziano, Reggio Emilia Italy
2014 I Love Your Manners Full Of Deceit, Knipsu Bergen
2013 Performa 13 Biennale, New York City
2013 De Ureele Enemerker, Rødgden Bruk, Grue Finnskogen
2013 I-Traces, Hotel Philippoz, Ayent, Switzerland
2013 Mondays Begin Online, online exhibition, curated by
2013 Side Effects I, EKKM museum of contemporary art, Tallinn
2013 Letters by the useless spectator, Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn (arranged by Mathijs van Geest)
2012 BYOB Bergen Knipsu, Bergen
2012 Lumps of Wood (paper, color, plaster), Studio Bjørn Mortensen, Bergen
2012 Flagg, Gallery Entrée, Bergen
2012 Game of Life, Kunsthall Kristiandsand, Norway (curated by Jan Freuchen) *
2011 Appeal To Probability (a project by Marijke Appelman) Het Wilde Weten Rotterdam, NL
2011 Reshuffle Forrest (curated by Hellebou), Gallery Holodeck, Oslo *
2011 Skulptur Bergen, Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen *
2011 Knock Knock, Prosjektrom Carl Berner, Oslo
2011 A Metalogue On Playing, with Dico Kruijsse and Lucie Draai, Premiss, Bergen
2011 Untitled, Museum for Longing and Failure, Bergen
2011 Pines and Powerlines, MFA graduation exhibition, Kunsthall Bergen
2010 You Are Here, Gallery Mejan, Stockholm, Sweden
2010 It’s hard to keep a white shirt clean, Rom8, Bergen
2009 Best of Graduation 2009, Gallery Blaak 10, Rotterdam
2009 We want things, Gallery Pictura, Dordrecht
2009 Graduation exhibition, Las Palmas II, Rotterdam
2008 Canto 101, Gallery Kunstsuper, Rotterdam

2009 – 2011 MFA Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen
2005 – 2009 BA Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam, department fine art
2001 – 2005 Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, department graphic design

Thanks to: Bergen Kommune, Kulturrådet, OCA, Vederlagsfund